Why French Celebs Don’t Get Wrinkles?

Dr Donatella Negro

How French celebrities keep this glowing youthful looks in their thirties, forties, fifties and beyond? They prevent, prevent, prevent! – says one of the best skin care experts in France: holistic plastic surgeon Donatella Negro. And they prepare well before the deadline…

What? How? We are chatting with Dr Negro about French beauty secrets in her Versaille style practice in Paris.

“Oui, oui” and a big smile – that’s a usual reaction Dr. Negro is getting from her celebrity patients. What is the secret behind luminous youthful skin of so many French movie stars flaunt on the French red carpet? Dr Negro’s Method says that if you want this flawless skin, you need to take all body functions into account and take care of the body as a whole.

Years ago in her practice Dr Negro had noticed that results of surgical procedures are much much better when all body systems were taken into consideration.

Celebrity Skin Care Secret:

“Skin is the largest organ of the body” says Dr Negro “and is mostly affected by nutrition, hormonal changes, stress, environmental factors, even by our emotions”. This is why it is extremely important to take all these factors into consideration to optimise the effect of any skin treatments or procedures.

You need to adapt this 360 degree approach also in your daily skin care, as beautiful skin comes from inside out. You cannot just slap on your face cream or a mask, and that’s it. “This is why in my practice we take care of the patient as a whole, going beyond only the physical aspects of the body, creating holistic approach to skin care and plastic surgery” – says Dr Negro.

So, let’s start from the start. Imagine you are a beautiful French celebrity arriving for her first visit in marble luxury clinic of Dr Negro. What do you think she will do first?

Of course: as every good plastic surgeon, she will examine…guess again…your teeth! Ayyy…! No, no – don’t panic, Dr Negro will not perform any dental tortures on you. But she will check how healthy your mouth really is. “First thing I am checking is patients mouth. If your mouth is not healthy, all the rest cannot be either, as bacteria from your mouth travels with blood to all parts of the body. So I’m checking how are the gums, if there are not inflamed, if there are no bleedings”.

“We use functional medicine to prevent skin problems long before they appear in the body” – says Dr Negro. “So, in the beginning I will prescribe a vast range of medical tests. If the patient comes for a surgery, we want to optimize all body function for an optimal, healthy result. We need to take care of immune system, cardiovascular system, hormonal system etc. For concerns youthful look of the skin, it is very important to detect e.g. malfunction of the thyroid, any other hormonal dysfunctions, renal functions.

Celebrity Skin Care Tip No 1:

All body systems need to be taken into account: as it’s all connected, we don’t have separated organs: it all works together. If e.g. your heart doesn’t work properly, and you are getting quickly tired, your skin cannot be properly oxygenated, and thus it cannot be properly regenerated and rejuvenate.

We are interviewing a patient in a very profound manner: her/his antecedents, nutrition, even relationships. We check a patient from head to toe. We do the most advanced physical test, like test proteomic, to allow detect abnormalities on the molecular level. This allows us to detect any skin or health problems – premature aging included – long before they manifest in the physical. It allows then to prevent any kind of disease.

Normal conventional medical tests allow only the diagnosis of already existing condition, so we are far ahead. With the results of such cutting-edge tests we can then start some serious preventing.

Celebrity Skin Care Tip No 2:

Celebrities start preventing already in their twenties, they act well before the physical changes in the skin appear. THIS IS THE REAL SECRET TO CELEBRITY EVER LASTING YOUNG COMPLEXION: A-listers never wait until it’s too late. They take care of their skin and body decades before they really have to.

Dr Negro recommends: “You should start preventing the menopause already in your thirties, but in your forties it’s a must! I personally apply treatments with products and drugs in very small doses. So e.g. with hormones, it’s not a classical hormonal replacement, but I’m using the hormonal support in very small doses, to give a signal to ovaries and other endocrinology centres to keep functioning, and to prevent skin atropism.

If we start preventing early enough, the menopause can happen without you even noticing, and your skin will look decades younger.


However if you want not only to have this celebrity skin but also to keep it for years to come, you need to go far beyond physical factors. “There are many other decisive aspects of skin care – says Dr Negro – so we are testing not only the nutrition, but emotional state of a patient. We will even ask about your private life, stress at work etc, we will exam the person from head to toe. All as it all affects your skin!

Celebrity Skin Care Tip No 3:

Ancient Chinese medicine states that emotions are at the origin to all pathologies. Therefore, you need to understand that the skin is of ectodermic origin, the same that is an origin to nervous system and reproductive organs. So very often, when we have inner emotional wounds from the childhood, or even at the prenatal stage, this can easily manifest through skin alterations and all kind of skin problem, accelerated aging included! This is why it is one of the most important aspects we need to take care of. Very often asking a patient if there was abandonment or rejection in the infancy, it can unblock many issues. It is kind of an energy blockage which unblocked allows the energy to flow easily.

Dr Negro: “We give a lot importance for stress, as chronical stress is a real epidemic nowadays. Our bodies are not equipped to support it over longer periods, so it is causing accelerated aging. thousands of years ago adrenaline was necessary for the fight and flight response, as back than we humans were exposed to direct danger from animals, and other species. Even back then, stress was of a short term: either a lion ate you, or you managed to escape. Today we are under stress for far too long: hours, days, even years and its taking huge toll on our bodies. Stress affects and causes damage to all our organs, the skin included. That’s why part of my job is to reverse and prevent damage caused by stress”.

In the next episode: French Celebrity To Do At Home skin care tips – and it’s not what you think…