Celebrity health & beauty secrets your doctor never told you

Fouad Ghaly, MD


Dr Fouad Ghaly doesn’t make half things. One of the best regenerative medicine experts worldwide, keeps dozens of Hollywood celebrities young and vibrant for decades. He also gets top athletes to Super Man form and business tycoons & other VIPs to the highest level of intellectual & physical performance. Ghaly Center for Regenerative Medicine with offices in Los Angeles and Aspen are real nucleus of medicine of the future.

Why are his methods so effective that VIPs from all over the world travel to cure seemingly incurable conditions? Why are countless celebrities cueing in Dr Ghaly’s office to keep their youthful looks much longer than their birth certificate would prove possible?

I’m speaking with Dr Ghaly about some of the secrets he is sharing with his celebrity clients and 3 MUST HAVES, the secret ingredients you want to know for your celebrity like look.

Dr Ghaly’s message is simple: amazing health and looks require something more than just medical or cosmetic expertise. You need the right attitude, mindset and energy – we will call it Celebrity Beauty Mindset.

Question: Dr Ghaly: why so many celebrities look decades younger than they really are?

Celebrity Beauty Secret:

Celebrities are very conscious and aware of their bodies. Their career depends on great looks, so they pay attention to any warning signs. As soon as something is getting out of wake, they take care of it immediately! NOT: wait five years till the problem grows to the size of a football.                                                                                                                                                                                                          They panic at the sight of the first wrinkle, and will not stop invading all possible  doctors & estheticians offices until they get it ironed out.  

Fouad-GhalyThey do also what majority of people doesn’t: they are not afraid to try the most revolutionary approaches. Their mind is always open to new things to find the most effective solutions.

“The best looking celebs take obsessive care of themselves” – says Dr Ghaly – “They frequently detox not only their bodies, but also mind and soul. They do not allow stress to govern their habits, choices or life. And all of this is starting with the right MINDSET and awareness”.

CelebSuccess: Dr Ghaly, your methods seem to be ahead of our times. What makes your medical approach different?

Celebrity Beauty Tip No 1:

“The secret is connection between body, mind and soul” – says Dr Ghaly – “I’m looking at my patients as a whole, trying to optimize the cellular function. The secret lies in applying the most advanced technologies and knowledge, at the same time changing patients behaviours through their thoughts and feelings.The processes in the body are complex and multidimensional, this is why you need a multidimensional medical approach. And the magic ingredient is the mind“.

This brings us to the second question: How exactly is our mind is impacting our looks and health?

Celebrity Beauty Tip No 2:

“Highly evolved ancient civilisations didn’t make a distinction between illness of the body and mind. We are mind, body and soul. This is why treating a patient we need to take into consideration his thoughts and feelings. This is why we complete cutting-edge medical methods with progressive visualisation and relaxation techniques” – so Dr Ghaly.

The body has amazing self-healing, regenerating and rejuvenating abilities. This is why it’s very important for the patient to realise that they have power to influence the rejuvenation and regenerative processes in their body. You can use the most expensive skin care products in the world, but if your mind is programmed for ageing, guess what’s going to happen?


So we fix our mindset, than what we do for our body? In the next Episode…

Celebrity Beauty Tip No 3:

An underlying issue of ageing is inflammation. So you need to adapt habits that will reduce the inflammation. That means anti-inflammatory diet at first.

Avoid all the inflammation causing foods like sugar, white flour, saturated fats, alcohol. Then I’m recommending all kinds of ancient superfoods and super supplements that are proven to be useful in chinese or egyptian medicice, like cucurmin, acai and ginger. The Chinese and Koreans include ginger in their daily diet exactly for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Appropriate physical activity is a must to bring inflamation down. But watch out: too intense exercise can actually raise the levels of cortisol and inflamation. In that case you will feel exhausted rather and painful, then energised and rejuvenated, and you will also look as such.