Fouad Ghaly MDA

Jessica Alba

“I’m always getting everything I want”

Episode 1: Really Real Wonder Woman
The story of a little girl who always wanted to have Super Powers to do everything she ever wanted. And how she grew up and got everything she was asking for.

What’s a definition of modern times Wonder Woman? She can fly, kick butt and is super hot, right? Jessika Alba does it all really well: just check out couple of her action movies and you will get the picture. If we keep reading Wonder Woman’s job description will find also points on “helping others” and “saving the world”. And let’s see: already her flagship book “The honest life” is dedicated to those who want to make the world a better place for future generations. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

“I’m always getting everything I want” – says the mom of two and founder of “The Honest Company”.  She created this enterprise couple of years ago, without any previous experience in business, but with a mission to produce affordable & pretty nontoxic household essentials. The idea came when she was looking for healthy household solutions, while being pregnant with her first baby, Honour. It went so well that she decided to share those solutions with the world and created a billion dollar worth business empire while doing that. Uups…;-).

Next boxes on Jessika’s “Everything I want” list are: hot husband, great kids, happy family life, 3-star Michelin chef cooking skills. Check, check, check and check. With years her marriage with Cash Warren seems getting better and better (we don’t miss kinky sex tips, which Jessika is sharing in Cosmo now and then). In the kitchen she seems to surpass best French chefs. Useless to even start talking about her looks… And BTW: she also belongs to A-list elite, since I don’t know when. You are getting the picture ;-).

How does she do it? Let’s take a closer look: she never sleeps? No. She got so damn lucky? No. She has four twin sisters, who do all the cooking and businessing? That would explain everything, but no. She actually has Super Powers she was dreaming of as a little girl? Bingo!

To explain the origin of Jessika’s Super Powers we need to go back couple of years to her childhood. As a little girl, due to some health issues, she was a frequent hospital guest. She was spending her time there daydreaming about Super Powers, which would allow her to do literally everything she wants. Couple of years later: boom! She becomes a movie star out of nowhere, business mogul etc etc. She goes through life as if she had a Magic Wand in each pocket. Coincidence? Again: I don’t think so!

Today Jessika is a living proof that you can have it all. And with you I mean YOU :-)! You just need to know how to access and use your Super Powers. And Super Powers are based on understanding and application of so called Energy of Success.

Celebrity Success Secret: We all have Super Powers! Clairvoyance, clairaudiance, mind reading, time travel, with some training we all can access and use them.  You are so much more powerful than you think you are! But we will start with the most important: you have the power to create and shape your reality any way you want. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe you can achieve!!! Celebrities and other successful people master this power to perfection. Keep reading for more instructions.
Celebrities and other successful people understand and apply certain Energy of Success on a daily basis. Consciously or intuitively, sometimes they just have a natural inherent understanding thereof. That’s actually great news: Jessika is not the only one who can get everything she is wishing for. We all can create our reality any way we want, once we know how. Keep reading this blog: in the next episodes we will be explaining details of the Energy of Success.

Here are three tips which will help you with understanding Energy of Success:

Celebrity Success Tip No 1: All Successful People know and apply this: whatever your mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve!
Celebrity Success Tip No 2: Countless celebrties, as well as the most powerful and successful people in the history understood this principle very well: everything you want to have in your life, you need to create on the inner first. Our thoughts create our reality. We are what we think.

You might think: pfff…I know that! I heard everything about positive thinking.

But obvious isn’t obvious! If positive thinking would be enough, we all would be walking around totally positive.

Celebrity Success Tip No 3: Research shows that our reality is in 95%.
To Be Continued.

In the next Episode: Jessika Alba: Woman of Action