Flat Belly Kate’s Way

Kate’s way to hot body & flat belly: You need to become Body Smart

“Once upon a time a beautiful movie star, famous for her slender figure, was standing on a balance and just giving it uup :-)! Shooting of her new movie was approaching with big steps, and the baby weight after the birth of her cute baby No 1 didn’t want to move an inch!”. Even athlete’s regime of working our three times a day didn’t help. “Drastic times call for drastic measures” – she thought. In a split second she took a decision not many of her famous colleagues would dare to take 3 weeks before starting a new movie. She stepped down from the scale, rushed to her spacious sunny living room and picked up the phone…

Isn’t Kate Hudson the cutest? Doesn’t she seem to be spending her life giggling and looking gorgeous? Wouldn’t you like to have a BFF like her? Then you would probably be spending days laughing you butt off on a yacht in St Tropez, getting a killer bod thanks to some complicated yoga pose, and get really really well dressed thanks to your BFF’s impeccable styling advice.

Well, while the position of Kate’s BFF might open one day, you don’t have to wait for this to happen, to discover Kate’s beauty & happiness secrets. Kate decided to give you a hand already now, and wrote a book sharing secret keys to her fun life and gorgeous looks. It contains tons of simple fixes that make all the difference. The title: “Pretty Happy”. Of course ;-).

Kate seems to have knowledge of a Harvard Medical School library combined with wisdom of Master of Eastern Medicine. Are you wondering who did she call that day before starting to shoot the new movie? She called…MANY MANY people ;-):-).

Celebrity Success & Beauty Secret:

It takes a village to keep celebrities fit & gorgeous. Writing her book Kate called for help pretty everybody: “From integrative medicine professionals (those are the docs who treat the whole person in health – they don’t wait for illness) – explains Kate in her book – to other specialists and mind-body experts, including nutritionists, physicians and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners. I’ve tried many approaches to wellness and discovered what works best for me”.

You should do the same: there is nothing like “one solution fits all”. Celebrities are seekers, always looking for new, better methods. And there not afraid to try out even weirdest, stragest novelties. You need to do the same: to be on a constant outlook for new methods, try everything but continue applying only those tools that really work for you.

Start reading Kate’s book and you will pretty quickly notice that happy life and gorgeous looks, even though inherent in her DNA, were not really a given, but rather an error and trial effect. Physical crush down at 19 – due to crazy, exhausting schedule – started Kate’s journey to self-discovery and her current health / beauty mindset. She didn’t discover self so quickly though…

As any of Hollywood stars good looks are a must. In this department Kate had her share of up and downs. Losing weight, gaining weight, loosing too much weight, gaining even more… Not too long ago she was exercising to exhaustion and skyrocketed the levels of stress hormones obsessing about healthy food. Result? Uhm…as Kate admits: opposite to the desired one: not only was she not loosing weight, but at occasion even throwing up some pounds, due to stress hormone cortisol. We will talk more about hormonal balance in the future episodes. But, aha! She is constantly pretty gorgeous now! How did she get there?

Let’s go back to the scene on a balance. To give you some more background: for a new movie Kate needed to loose seventy pounds   she gained while being pregnant with her first son Ryder. She started an athlete’s regime of working out three times a day. After three weeks: nope, nothing, zero results. Ok, Kate started filming and went back to her usual way to work out. She decided to stop focusing so intensly on the weight and trust her body to do get the result she knew it could.

She stopped all the obsessing and baam! Halfway through the movie she was back in her pre-pregnancy jeans size!!! “It was the stress and the pressure that I had putting on myself that was keeping the weight on – says Kate – when I let go a little, the weight came off”.

So, Kate’s advice for you to loose weight is: CALM DOWN, RELAX :-)! You don’t want that nasty cortisol working your butt and belly, do ya?

Other Skinny Belly & Hot/Healthy Bod tips by @KateHudson:

KATE’S Celebrity Beauty Tip No 1:

For this stubborn belly fat: remember that when you stress, cortisol level in your body goes up. Science shows that this contributes to a higher level of fat in the body, especially deep belly fat. Factors that lift your levels of cortisol: too much stress, too much booze, not too much sleep, smoking – and there’s more…

KATE’S Celebrity Beauty Tip No 2: Three steps to get rid of this deep belly fat

1. Control your portions

2. Eat a combination of protein, good carbs, and healthy fat in each meal

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise – but not like crazy, otherwise you will raise cortisol levels again ;-). More about this in future episodes.

“Over time (four to six weeks) – says Kate – your body will “use up” the stored fat and you will loose weight.

KATE’S Celebrity Beauty Tip No 3: Eat All Six Tastes in a Day! 

Whaaat? Six??? Relax, Kate will explain: ” In Ayurveda, it’s recommended to include all six tatstes during a day eating to not only keep taste buds satisfied and you digestion in order, but also to make sure you get complete nutrition”.

Kate’s Quick Guide to Six Tastes:

                                     1. Sweet: in ayurveda it’s not only fruit, but also meat, oils, butter, milk and some grains

                                                                             2. Sour: Citrus fruit, fermented foods, yogurt, sour cream,

                                                                             cheese, vinegar and booz

                                                                            3. Salty: Easy – that’s food with salt!

                                                                            4. Bitter: Leafy greens and other veggies

                                                                            5. Pungent: spices, ginger, garlic, hot peppers and onions

                                                                            6. Astringent: Lentils, beans and green tea.

“When you eat clean, whole foods regularly throughout the day in proper portion sizes – says Kate – your body will no longer have the highs and lows in energy that come with craving. Then, when you do have one of these indulgent treats every once in a while, your body will habe build up a resistance to the swings”. High five :-)!!!

This article is fiction based on Kate Hudson’s book: “Pretty Happy”.

In the next episode: “Carbs or no carbs, this is the question”