Episode 2 
Really Real Wonder Woman

Jessica Alba

“I’m always getting everything I want”

The story of a little girl who always wanted to have Super Powers to do everything she ever wanted. And how she grew up and got everything she was asking for. The story that will tell you how to access your own Super Powers and activate the Energy of Success.

In the Episode 1 I was explaining, on Jessica’s example, how you can also realise your childhood dreams and achieve everything you ever wanted.


Here are three life changing Celebrity Rapid Results (CRR) secrets. Super simple but powerful, they can skyrocket your Energy of Success and help to bring everything you desire into your life. There’s is a “But” though: you need to apply them daily, habitually. Remember: consistency is the key to any Success!

1. Celebrity Rapid Results (CRR) Secret No 1

Absolute knowing. Preparation time: 5 min in the morning.

The absolute knowing we are talking about here is so important, because if you have the slightest doubts that you can achieve your desire – guess what – your Subconscious Mind will program you so that you will never get it! So you have to program your Subconscious Mind for Success!

Spend 5 min (it can be more, but already 5 min will do) each morning envisioning that your desire is already yours. Yay! What’s important is that you FEEL in your body as if it already happened! Keep repeating this process throughout the day, as you’re pleased. You do this and watch your entire day changing!

Celebrity Rapid Results (CRR) Secret No 2

Reality Creation. Preparation time: whenever you feel like it throughout the day.

Let’s go back to the positive thinking. As I said: obvious isn’t obvious. Observe your thoughts. E.g.: take a good look in the mirror. What are you thinking?

“I am gorgeous!” – and – “These eyes, this smile, this hot bod, why can’t I marry myself ?!”?

Or rather: “Damn, my butt is gigantic!” – and – “Is this a new wrinkle right there? And a pimple on top of it! That’s it, I’ve had it with me!”

So? What it’s gonna be? Something is telling me, it won’t be the first option…;-).

If you now start observing your thoughts, and every time you catch a negative one: STOP, PAUSE, BREATHE!  Then easily, lovingly change the direction from “I’m five minutes late to work. Again! I suck!” into rather: “How lucky are they that I came in at all?!”. Kiddin’ here, but you get the picture…;-).

Celebrity Rapid Results (CRR) Secret No 3: Subconscious Mind

Continuing the exercise from CRR No 1: when you e.g. envision yourself in your luxury villa, how do you feel? Light and happy? Or maybe a bit anxious? Do you feel any, even very subtle, constrains in your body? Like e.g. a very slight pressure in your throat or solar plexus?

That’s your subconscious letting you know what it thinks about your vision. If it feels light and good, your subconscious is saying: “Go for it! It’s already as good as yours!”. But if not, there’s still some inner work you will need to do. More about it in future Episodes.

We will speak more in detail about the Subconscious Mind in future episodes.

In the next Episode: Jessika Alba: Woman of Action


This blog post is an educational fiction, containing self-development tools. It is based on  articles from “Fast Company”,  international versions of “Cosmopolitan” and Brian Tracy on-line publications, where also all the quotes come from.